China Created Coronavirus !

New Delhi, 29/5 (AO Bureau):Where did the corona virus come from? Is it made in a lab in China? Answers to such questions are yet to be done. Researchers and researchers from all over the world are trying to know how the corona virus originated. In this sequence, British professor Angus Dalgleish and Norway scientist Dr. Sorenson have claimed that the corona virus has been made in a lab in China. In the research report of both the scientists, it has been claimed that a ‘unique fingerprint’ has been found in the corona virus sample, which is possible only after tampering with the virus in the lab. Britain’s news website Daily Mail has published news to this effect and it has been written on the basis of research paper written by both scientists.

According to the report, the study shows that Chinese scientists created the virus while working on the ‘gain of function’ project in Wuhan’s lab. ‘Gain-of-function’ research is temporarily banned in the US, in this research the naturally occurring virus is developed in the lab to make it more infectious and so that its effect on humans is more.

Research scientists took the backbone of the natural corona virus from bats found in the cave and added a new spike to the virus, which resulted in a much more contagious and lethal Kovid 19 virus. Researchers have also said that no old evidence of natural corona virus is found in Kovid 19. Also, reverse engineering has been done so that tampering with the virus is not detected in the lab.

British professor Angus Dalgleish with Daily said, “We think the virus was created there by retro engineering, later replaced and then given a sequence that was many years ago.” . ” Scientists have also questioned the destruction of evidence in the Wuhan lab in their research and said that the scientists who wanted to share their information about it either disappeared or have not opened their mouths yet. Explain that until recent months, most of the experts around the world had insisted that the virus has been generated naturally and spread to humans through animals. Last week, US epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauchi defended the help given to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, saying that American financial support was not for ‘gain of function’ research.

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