Kejriwal government to improve the immunity of Delhi people

New Delhi, 3/6(Ao Bureau): After the outcry caused by Corona virus in Delhi, now the Delhi Government will work to increase the immunity power of the people. The Delhi government has prepared a plan for this, under which resistant herbs that fight against corona will be planted in the entire city.


Meanwhile, like every year, a massive tree plantation campaign is being organized by the Kejriwal government. Due to the lockdown, its symbolic launch will be done on June 5. During this, people will also be encouraged to plant plants that increase immunity. Delhi Environment and Forest Minister Gopal Rai says that discussions are taking place everywhere, especially to increase immunity inside Delhi. is. The big reason behind this is that during the Corona crisis, it is the same Brahmastra, whose immune system is fine. He is winning this battle by fighting and whose immune system is getting weak, he is losing this battle.

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