Baba Ramdev took a dig at Doctors again

UP,7/7: During the inauguration of Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust Center located at Sikri Kala village in Modinagar, Ghaziabad, once again the doctors have been taunted for allopathy treatment of Swami Ramdev. He has once again given a controversial statement against allopathy in the ceremony. He has told in an open forum that the drug mafia of the country prepares the syllabus of the syllabus taught to doctors, which is called Evidence Based Research in Allopathy.


Ramdev has once again created a new controversy by describing the study of allopathy as the syllabus of the drug industry. Ramdev has said that the research that is taught to him is also prepared by the drug industry. Ramdev said that for the next 6 months there is no place in the Patanjali Yoga Peeth of Haridwar. Ramdev has claimed that till now more than 5 crores have been cheated, of which IAS and IPS have also become victims. Ramdev told that three days ago he has been informed about the cheating of Rajnath Singh’s secretary with himself, from which it is clear that such people are also being cheated.


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