No strict action against news broadcasters for not obeying IT laws

Kerala,9/7: The Kerala High Court has said that “no coercive action” will be taken against the News Broadcasters Association for non-compliance of the new IT rules. Justice PB Suresh Kumar ordered no coercive action against the News Broadcast Association (NBA) under the IT Rules. The NBA said on Thursday that it has filed a petition in the Kerala High Court challenging the new information technology rules on the ground that they give “excessive powers” to government officials to “unreasonably restrict” the media’s freedom of expression. ‘ provide.

This information was given by the NBA by issuing a statement. It said that Part III of the IT Rules (Code of Conduct, Procedure and Security Measures in respect of Digital Media) have been challenged as they provide an ‘autocratic and overriding monitoring mechanism to the executive to regulate the content of digital news media’. ‘ Provides the power to prepare.

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