Two Al Qaeda terrorists arrested in Lucknow

Lucknow, 11/7 : On Sunday, the ATS has arrested two al-Qaeda terrorists in the Kakori area of ​​​​the capital Lucknow. The ATS has also recovered some documents along with pressure cooker bombs and foreign weapons from the terrorists. At the same time, the matter of burning some maps and documents has also come to the fore, about which ATS is questioning and investigating. According to UP ATS, their handler is Pakistani and they may also have links with Al Qaeda, which is being traced.

According to the ATS, the terrorists were doing a big planning by staying in the Kakori area. Where the ATS has arrested the terrorists, there are three houses present. The first house is being told of Shahid and Guddu. Guddu lived in Saudi Arabia for five years and it has been learned that he was in contact with Al Qaeda through Telegram app. The second house is of Siraj and the third is the house of Riyaz. It is being told that secret basements have been built inside all the three houses. Now ATS is trying to open these cellars.

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