Is the third wave of Corona irresistible? Experts warn about travel and crowd

New Delhi, 13/7 (AO Bureau):Amidst the ongoing Coronavirus cases in the country, unmasked pictures of crowds of people are coming out from many tourist spots and markets. After the second wave has almost passed, people have also been completely careless, bypassing the Kovid protocol. In such a situation, due to the gathering of a large number of people in the coming festive season, the risk of rapid spread of the virus can be created again. In such a situation, experts are also seen against relaxing the restrictions. The Indian Medical Association said on Monday, looking at global evidence and the history of epidemics, that the third wave is irreversible and it is near. The apex body of doctors has expressed concern over the casual attitude of the people and the government allowing such incidents which can turn into super-spreaders.

The Prime Minister also reiterated the IMA’s warning and appealed to the people not to compromise with Kovid protocols. In a meeting held on Tuesday with eight chief ministers of northeastern states, the Prime Minister said that it is not right for people to visit hill stations and markets in large numbers without following the Kovid protocol. We have to work together to stop the third wave of Kovid-19. Let us tell you that in the northeastern states, the cases of corona are increasing continuously for the last few days.


Emphasizing on speeding up the vaccination programme, the Prime Minister also stressed on the need to monitor the variants of the coronavirus.

WHO also expressed concern over the delta variant
The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adenom Gabrios, also warned on Monday that the delta variant of the corona virus is spreading rapidly even in countries where people have been vaccinated, while in countries where vaccinations are being slow, it is a concern. can increase.

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