PM Modi to start campaigning from Varanasi

UP,15/7: The way the BJP has performed in the elections of the district panchayat president before the assembly elections to be held next year in Uttar Pradesh, it has increased the power of the Yogi government. In UP, out of 75 district panchayat president elections, BJP-backed candidates won 66. Of these, 21 have been elected unopposed, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency Varanasi. Varanasi is, in fact, a symbol of the BJP’s faith in Uttar Pradesh, which is India’s gateway to power. Narendra Modi’s visit to Varanasi has its own importance ahead of next year’s assembly elections in the state. Elections in UP are likely to be held from February to March next year. Barring 2004, Varanasi has always been with the BJP since 1989.


Since 1991, every time the elections were held in Varanasi constituency, the turnout was less than 50 percent, but after the landing of PM Modi in the electoral fray, the atmosphere of Varanasi changed. The turnout increased to 58.35 percent in 2014 and to 59 percent in 2019. The biggest thing among all this was that the gap between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the second number candidate also increased.


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