Heavy rain in Haryana

Gurugram, 19/7:While the rain in Haryana since Monday morning has given relief to the people from the heat, it has also increased the trouble due to submergence of roads. Talking about the Gurugram district of the state, the entire city has been submerged due to the rain since morning. In most areas of the city, life was disturbed due to the problem of water logging. Dozens of areas like Sector 31, Sector 40, Sector 10, Sector 37, Old Delhi Road have been submerged. There has been torrential rain in the district since 3 am. In this second monsoon rain, all the claims of the district administration were seen flowing.

The pedestrians and motorists are facing a lot of trouble due to knee-deep water on the roads. Alam has become such that even the vehicles have become difficult for the people to walk. Due to lack of proper drainage system, the traffic system on the national highway was also affected and a jam-like situation was created at many places. For this, the traffic police are deployed at the waterlogged places.

People upset in Bahadurgarh too
People in Bahadurgarh are also troubled by the first heavy rain of monsoon. West gambling drain is flowing above the danger mark. The drain being built with about Rs 70 crore for drainage has become a problem for the people. Drain water is filling back in the streets. This drain is flowing like a waterfall. Local people at their level with the help of sticks and sticks are removing the water by cleaning the drains. People allege that even at the time of construction, the contractor was asked to correct the work, but the contractor did not do the work properly.

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