After Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, now Karnataka and Maharashtra increased the tension of Congress

New Delhi, 20/7:The dispute between Punjab, Rajasthan and Haryana is not yet resolved that Karnataka and Maharashtra have increased the tension of the Congress leadership. Amidst the turmoil in the party in both the states, Rahul Gandhi summoned these leaders to Delhi. Maharashtra leader Nana Patole and state in-charge HK Patil held a meeting with Rahul Gandhi at 3.30 pm on Tuesday. In the meeting, along with the internal tussle in the Congress organization in the state, there was also a discussion about the confrontation in the Vikas Aghadi.

In the meeting with the leaders of Maharashtra, Rahul Gandhi also referred to the complaint of the NCP in which Nana Patole makes a statement against the coalition religion. At the same time, there is dissatisfaction among the party leaders in the Congress itself over the claim of Nana Patole’s chief ministerial candidate. Other leaders including Ashok Chavan, Thorat are uncomfortable with Patole’s statements, which Rahul Gandhi got to know through Patil in-charge.

In Tuesday’s meeting, Rahul Gandhi urged Patole to follow the coalition dharma and not make unnecessary statements without compromising on the party’s interest. However, Rahul Gandhi also allowed Patole to take every step to strengthen the party.

Tension continues in Karnataka too
On the other hand, a tussle is going on in Karnataka between former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and state president DK Shivakumar. Assembly elections are to be held in Karnataka in 2023 and factionalism is at its peak over who will be the face of the post of CM from Congress. According to party sources, Siddaramaiah had even started announcing what plans he would bring if he became the CM during his tours to the coastal areas of the state. Shivkumar camp had complained about this to the high command. On the other hand, supporters of DK himself have started projecting him as the next chief minister of the state, arguing that the president is the face of the party. This was conveyed to the leadership by the Siddaramaiah camp. Regarding this matter, Rahul Gandhi called both the leaders to Delhi and discussed.

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