Shalini Talwar reveals shocking facts about husband Yo Yo Honey Singh

Mumbai, 4/8: Shalini Talwar, wife of Bollywood’s famous singer and rapper Hridesh Singh aka Yo Yo Honey Singh, has accused him of domestic violence, mental abuse and financial abuse. Shalini alleges that Hrdesh, her parents and younger sister have exploited her. He has filed a petition against the four in Teej Hazari Court of Delhi. In a 160-page petition, Shalini has revealed such a secret of 10-year-old honeymoon, which no one knew till date. Shalini alleges that Honey Singh started assaulting her during the honeymoon itself.




Shalini Talwar told in her petition given in the court that both used to study together in the school, where the affair of both of them started. After about 10 years of love, on March 14, 2010, both of them got engaged with the wishes of their families and on January 23, 2011, both of them got married in the presence of family members in the Gurudwara of Sarojini Nagar. Hridesh Singh aka Yo Yo Honey Singh was in love with music from the beginning. Shalini also always supported her because of her love for music.


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