Budhia Singh – Where is he now?

New Delhi, 6/8:Remember the name Budhia Singh. In 2006, at the age of 4, Budhia caught everyone’s attention by completing a 65 km race between Puri and Bhubaneshwar. Then it was being said that he would become the next Milkha Singh and win a medal in a big event for the country. But where and what they are doing today, why is no one discussing about them. So let us tell what Budhia Singh is doing at this time.



According to the news of Hindustan Times, Budhia Singh is now away from the game. His widowed mother and two sisters live in a small room in the slums of Bharatpur, Bhubaneswar. No one has seen Budhia running for the last several years. His family says that all the people betrayed him. Budhia’s elder sister Rashmi said, ‘My brother is in Delhi for graduation. From his coach Biranchi Das to the Odisha government, everyone misbehaved with him. That’s why he didn’t want to be here.



Couldn’t even find a good house


Rashmi further said, ‘The government had promised to help her, but she did not even get a proper house. We live in a rented house. No one can live here.’ Rashmi and her mother Sukanti work in an engineering college. Budhia Singh came home in May-June. Budhia said on the phone, ‘Are you trying to talk about my past? I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I have forgotten everything.’ He also refused to tell about his studies and what he is going to do next.



Got punished for running and came in marathon

Budhia Singh was born in 2002. After his father’s death, his mother Sukanti sold him to a hawker for Rs 800. However, later with the help of an association, Budhia again came to his house. Although the story of Budhia’s running is also interesting. Local judo coach Biranchi Das asked Budhia to run as a punishment, but when he came after 5 hours, he was stunned to see her running. After this Budhia registered his name in Limba Book Records by completing 65 km race. He went on to run 48 more marathons. However, Biranchi Das was accused of child abuse and was sent to a sports hostel by the government in 2007. He was assassinated in April 2008

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