In Rajasthan Congress, again political tension increased between Gehlot Vs Pilot faction,

Jaipur,10/8:In Rajasthan, once again the political tension between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot faction is increasing. A senior leader of Rajasthan Congress has alleged that the work of Congress leaders and workers is not being done. They are being humiliated. In the Gehlot government, independents and MLAs from BSAP joined the Congress. On the other hand, the Pilot faction also attacked Gehlot indirectly and said that Sachin Pilot is the most popular after the Gandhi family in the Congress. If speaking our mind is rebellion then we are rebels.

The lava of dissatisfaction has started erupting again in the Rajasthan Congress. Former MP and Congress’s loser candidate from Behror in the last assembly elections, Karan Singh Gehlot split on the government. Karan Singh alleged that party leaders and workers are being harassed under Gehlot Raj. The work of MLAs who have come from independent and BSP is being done. His bullshit is going on. Karan Singh has been an MLA for four times with his MP. He is a senior leader of Rajasthan Congress.

Pilot camp also said attack
After the delay in the reshuffle of the Gehlot cabinet and the postponement of consideration of the demands of Sachin Pilot, the pilot camp also again attacked Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Tuesday. MLA Ved Prakash Solanki, a close aide of Pilot, claimed that the Congress has the most popular Sachin Pilot in the country after the Gandhi family. Solanki again said that if keeping our demands is a rebellion then we are rebels.

The whole matter stuck due to Gehlot
The Congress High Command has done a lot of exercise to end the dispute of Rajasthan Congress and to get Pilot supporters a place in the cabinet and government. In Jaipur, a consultation was held with the MLAs and with the party leaders, but after Ashok Gehlot was not ready for the cabinet reshuffle, the whole issue got stuck. The party leadership tried a lot to persuade Gehlot to remove the poor performing ministers and give place to the MLAs of Pilot faction in the cabinet but Gehlot was not ready. After that the pilot supporters are preparing to open the front again.

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