Rashid Khan appeals to world leaders, don’t leave us dying in trouble

New Delhi, 10/8: The current situation has worsened in Afghanistan, where there is a fierce battle between the Taliban and government military forces. The Taliban have captured the outskirts of the country and are now moving towards the province capitals. The situation is that the Taliban have either captured 80 percent of Afghanistan or the war is on for it. The situation has worsened since the withdrawal of the US Army. Now Afghanistan cricketer Rashid Khan has made a passionate appeal to the world leaders for the people of his country.

22-year-old star spinner Rashid shared a touching post from his Twitter account. He wrote, ‘Leaders of the world, my country is in trouble. Thousands of innocent people including children and women are martyred everyday, homes and property are being destroyed.


The leg-spinner, who has played in many franchise leagues around the world including India’s IPL, Pakistan’s PSL, Australia’s BBL, further wrote that people want peace. Rashid wrote, ‘Thousands of families get displaced due to the attacks. Don’t leave us in trouble. Stop killing Afghans and don’t destroy Afghanistan. we want peace.’

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