Good News: Increase in salary of bank employees from August,

New Delhi, 11/8: In the era of Corona virus epidemic, the Narendra Modi government at the Center has again given good news to the government employees. This time good news has come for the employees of public sector banks (PSU Banks Employees). Actually, after the central employees, now the government has increased the Dearness Allowance of more than 8 lakh employees of public sector banks. Government bank employees will get increased DA by adding to the salary for the month of August (Salary Hike). The Center has increased their DA by 2.10 percent (DA Hike).

For which 3 months the increase has been done
Dearness Allowance of public sector employees has been increased for August, September, October 2021. In other words, this increase in DM is only for 3 months. It has been decided on the basis of data of All India Average Consumer Price Index (AIACPI). Let us understand how dearness allowance is calculated for people working in the public sector…


Different categories of employees pay different
The salary of government bank employees is in different categories. In this, the salary of the Probationary Officer of the bank is 40 to 42 thousand rupees per month. In this, the basic is Rs 27,620. On this there has been an increase of 2.10 percent in DA. According to the service history rules for PO, 4 increments are given during the entire service. The maximum basic salary after promotion is Rs 42,020. According to the Indian Banks Association (IBA), the DA figure for May, June and July 2021 was 367 slabs. There has been an increase of 30 slabs for August to October. On this basis, now their DA has increased to 27.79 percent. Earlier dearness allowance was 25.69 percent.

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