OBC Bill Passed in Parliament

New Delhi, 11/8After being passed by the Lok Sabha, the OBC Reservation Constitution Amendment Bill (OBC Bill) was unanimously passed by the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday as well. In the Rajya Sabha, 187 votes were cast in favor of this bill while not a single vote was cast against it. After being passed by the Rajya Sabha, this bill will be sent to President Ram Nath Kovind for approval.


It rarely happens when there is not a single vote against a bill in Parliament. Opposition parties, which have been continuously creating ruckus in the Parliament proceedings on the issue of Pegasus and agricultural laws, had already declared their support for the bill. Obviously, given the political consequences of this bill, no party wanted to take the risk of opposing it.



The bill has been passed in the Lok Sabha with a two-thirds majority.

Significantly, on Tuesday, the 127th Constitutional Amendment Bill related to Other Backward Classes (OBC) was passed in the Lok Sabha with a two-thirds majority of the members present in the Lok Sabha. The entire opposition including Congress, SP, BSP also supported this bill of Modi government. During the division of votes regarding the bill, a total of 385 members voted in its favor, while there was not a single vote against it.



The bill also got the support of the opposition

In the Lok Sabha on Monday itself, the Central Government introduced the ‘Constitution (127th Amendment) Bill, 2021 relating to the Other Backward Classes (OBCs)’. The discussion on this bill started on Tuesday. This bill related to giving the right to the states to prepare the list of Other Backward Classes also got the support of the opposition. The opposition also supported this bill with one vote.

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