Sushmita Dev Singh quits Congress

Assam,16/8: Sushmita Dev Singh, the big face of Congress from Assam, has left the Congress. She submitted her resignation to Sonia Gandhi last night and has also added a former Congress member to his profile on Twitter. Along with this, it has also been imposed in front of the post of Mahila Congress President. Sushmita Dev Singh is a Lok Sabha MP from Silchar, Assam. At present, she was handling the responsibility of the President of All India Women. His father was a big leader of the Bengali Congress. Sushmita Dev Singh was considered close to Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. Why has he resigned though? This is not yet clear.


Sushmita Dev Singh, while updating her Twitter bio, wrote, “Former member of Lok Sabha, former member of Indian National Congress, former President of All India Mahila Congress.” Sushmita Dev Singh’s last tweet is a retweet, tweeted by All India Mahila Congress. This tweet is related to the protest of Mahila Congress against the incident of rape of a 9-year-old girl in

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