Virat Kohli didnot scored a century in 21months

New Delhi, 16/8: Captain Virat Kohli is considered to be the biggest pillar of Team India’s batting. But for the last 21 months, his bat has remained calm. During this, he could not score a single century in 49 innings of all three formats i.e. Test, ODI and T20. Even in the second Test against England (IND vs ENG), he could not play a big innings. Because of this Team India is in trouble. The team lost 6 wickets for 181 runs in the second innings. The lead was only 154 runs and only 4 wickets are left. India scored 364 in the first innings, while England scored 391 runs.




Virat Kohli scored 42 runs in the first innings of the second test and 20 runs in the second innings. Kohli made his last international century on 23 November 2019 in a Test against Bangladesh. After this, he has not been able to score a single century since August 2021 i.e. 21 months. During this, Pakistan’s captain Babar Azam scored 7 centuries. That is, Kohli is far behind Babar in terms of century.


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