Amrullah Saleh called the Afghans killed in the demonstration martyrs, targeted Pakistan

Kabul, 19/8:Afghanistan’s ‘Care Taker’ Amrullah Saleh has targeted the Taliban after an attack on the public during demonstrations in Jalalabad. On Thursday, he said Afghanistan is so big that Pakistan cannot “swallow” it and the Taliban cannot “rule”. He has supported the civilians protesting against the Taliban through a tweet. Saleh has waged a war against the rebel group.

Saleh wrote, ‘Nations should respect the rule of law, not violence. Afghanistan is too big for Pakistan to swallow and too big for Taliban to rule. Don’t let the chapter of embarrassment and bowing down to terrorist groups add to your history.’ In another tweet, he wrote, ‘To the courageous and patriotic step of the respected people of my country to raise the national flag at different places against the Taliban group. To this I express my respect, support and admiration.


Protests against the Taliban were the first in the country since the capture of the capital, Kabul. During this, common citizens were raising slogans waving the flag of Afghanistan on the streets in many cities. According to news agency ANI, violence was not reported anywhere during these demonstrations except in Jalalabad. At least three Afghans were killed in Jalalabad in the firing launched by Taliban fighters.


“At least three people were allegedly shot in the eastern city of Jalalabad in Afghanistan during a protest rally against the removal of the Afghan flag by the Taliban,” the agency quoted Turkey’s TRT as saying.

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