China stuck in Afghanistan by supporting Taliban, now protests at home

Beijing, 20/8:China is being surrounded in its own house over its attitude towards the Taliban. Attempts by China’s media and diplomats to portray this hardline group were unsuccessful as there is no dearth of people who know the Taliban’s history of exploiting women and committing violence. Beijing has long linked the Taliban to the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, which is said to be the reason behind the terrorist attack in Xinjiang.

But the way China has changed its stance on the Taliban after America’s exit from Afghanistan, everyone is surprised and it is facing criticism. Not only this, the turmoil in Afghanistan will also affect Pakistan, where China has made a Belt and Road investment of $ 500 million. Not only this, fundamentalists can be encouraged, which can also reach the border of China.


Strong reaction on social media
There has also been a sharp reaction of the Chinese people on social media sites regarding the condition of women in Afghanistan. In fact, in recent days, two big people in China have been accused of rape. An atmosphere has also been created against patriarchy regarding this. When Sahra Karimi, a female filmmaker from Afghanistan, appealed to the world, this video has also gone viral on social media in China. A woman reacted sharply and said, “The voice of the Afghan people is being suppressed by you. This gesture was towards the Chinese government.

China’s Foreign Ministry is trying to improve the image of Taliban
Meanwhile, such a statement is coming from the Foreign Ministry of China, in which it is being said that this time the Taliban is very different and settled than the one 20 years ago. It was said, “Some people are not trusting the Afghan Taliban but everything is not always the same. We should look at the past and the present.”

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