Casualties reported in Kabul airport

Kabul,22/8:Kabul Airport Once again there is news of civilian casualties of Afghanistan. According to a statement issued by the British military on Sunday, seven Afghan civilians have been killed in a stampede at the international airport. The military said it showed there was still a threat to people fleeing the country to escape Taliban capture. The UK Defense Ministry issued a statement saying that the situation at the airport remains extremely challenging, but we are making every effort to normalize the situation and get people out safely.



Let us tell you that after the Taliban took control of Kabul on Sunday, a large number of people started arriving at the airport. According to the AP, these deaths have emerged as a new threat from groups allegedly related to Islamic State in Afghanistan. Here, changes have also been made in the activities from the US side at the airport. American aircraft are using flares before flight to avoid missiles fired by targeting them. On Saturday itself, the US Embassy issued new security instructions. In this, citizens were asked not to travel to Kabul Airport without the instructions of the US government. …


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