US is responsible for Kabul airport drama: Taliban

Kabul, 22/8: Taliban is occupied in Afghanistan and now Kabul Airport is the only place left in the whole country where people feel safe. In the last few days, the situation near Kabul airport also seems to be deteriorating. Several times Taliban fighters opened indiscriminate fire near the airport complex and oppressed people. The US Embassy has also issued instructions asking its citizens not to come towards the airport. Meanwhile, the Taliban has blamed the US for the deteriorating situation at Kabul Airport.



A senior Taliban official has told the US responsible for evacuating people at the airport. Taliban official Amir Khan Mutaki said that despite having all its strength and facilities as well as security forces, it has failed to maintain order at the airport.



Peace everywhere in Afghanistan

The Taliban said that the US is solely responsible for the deteriorating situation at the airport because there is peace everywhere in the whole of Afghanistan, but the Kabul airport is the only area where there is chaos and disorder.


It is noteworthy that at present Kabul airport is under the protection of NATO forces. At present, thousands of people are at Kabul airport, everyone wants to reach the airport by any means so that they can leave the troubled country. Meanwhile, many Afghan women were seen giving their children to foreign soldiers at the airport. Afghan women fear that the Taliban will again oppress women and children and take away their rights as they did 20 years ago. People are eager to leave the country because of the fear of the Taliban.

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