The children of our Odisha are no less than anyone, They can make history if given the opportunity: CM Naveen

Bhubaneswar, 23/8:Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik today inaugurated 10 more converted schools in the second phase of his constituency Hinjili. The state government’s ambitious school transformation work began on the 21st. The transformation of 50 schools in Hinjili has been completed in five phases. Fifty schools will be inaugurated in five phases.

Inaugurating the event, Chief Minister Shri Patnaik said that the children of our Odisha are no less than talented. They have a lot of potential. “If given the opportunity, they can make history,” he said.

Citing the example of hockey in this regard, the Chief Minister said that we had a lot of potential in hockey. When they were encouraged, they won a medal at the Olympics after 71 long years. The Odisha government is sponsoring hockey. Two players from Odisha have enhanced our reputation by playing for the country. Therefore, Chief Minister Shri Patnaik emphasized on creating opportunities in all areas. Or

The schools that were inaugurated today are –

(1) Vrindavan Nayak Smriti Vidyapeeth, Government Ambagaon Panchayat
(2) Kumarpani High School, Kumarpani Panchayat
(3) Government UG High School, Sapuapalli, Darubhadra Panchayat
(4) Lanjiapalli High School, Dhantara Panchayat
(5) Gram Panchayat High School, Shahapur Panchayat
(6) Kardakana High School, Kardakana Panchayat
(7) Bhagwati Vidyapeeth, Burupada Panchayat
(8) Shahid High School, Takarda Panchayat
(9) Ma Kali High School, Kulagada Panchayat
(10) J.C.C. High School, Bhavandha Panchayat


“The school is the best time for everyone,” he said. This transformation is for you. It will create many opportunities for your future and for the betterment of you. Highlighting how the 5 programs have played a key role in this transformation, the Chief Minister said that the application of every policy of the 5T has made the school transformation a success.
The Chief Minister said that the transformation work started in Hinjili has aroused interest across the state. Addressing members of the cabinet and legislators who attended as guests, the Chief Minister said that the transformation of schools started in Hinjili has added a glorious chapter to the history of education in Odisha.

He encouraged ordinary people as well to take part in solving this great task: “One of the things you and other people can do is keep up the pressure … there are going to be some difficult decisions for government”. In addition to the success of Ganjam, including the local people, the Chief Minister advised to involve people in all other districts as well.

Finally, the Chief Minister urged everyone to take care of the publicly converted schools as their property.

Special events were held at 10 Yak schools on the occasion. It was attended by members of the cabinet, legislators, sarpanches, panchayat members, alumni of the school, current students, parents and the local public.

The program was moderated by 5T Secretary Shri VK Pandian.
The Ganjam district commissioner delivered the welcome address.
Ganjam’s student body has created a lot of excitement in the minds of parents and the general public.

or the increase in their confidence. Reported

Minister Niranjan Pujari, Minister Shri Pratap Jena Minister Shri Ranendra Pratap Swain, Minister Shri Ashok Panda Minister Shri Raghunandan Das and MLAs attended the function and shared their experiences on Hinjili development.

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