An Ukraine plane hijacked in Afghanistan

Kabul, 24/8:There is news of hijacking a Ukrainian plane in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. This plane had reached Afghanistan to evacuate Ukrainian citizens. Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Yesenin gave this information on Tuesday. At the same time, Russian media claims that this plane is being taken towards Iran after the hijack.

Yevgeny Yenin, deputy foreign minister in the Ukrainian government, said, ‘Our plane was hijacked by some people on Sunday. On Tuesday, this plane was disappeared from us. Instead of airlifting the Ukrainians, some people on the plane took it to Iran. Our other three airlift attempts were not successful as our men could not reach the airport.

According to Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister, the hijackers were armed. However, the minister did not provide details about what happened to the plane or whether Kiev would try to bring the plane back.

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