Shiv Sena brutally trolls Narayan Rane

Mumbai, 25/8: Shiv Sena has said in an editorial in its mouthpiece Saamana that Narayan Rane was never great or dutiful. He got his name while in Shiv Sena. After Rane left Shiv Sena, Shiv Sena defeated him four times in Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha. Therefore, if Rane is to be described in brief, then it can be done like a balloon with holes. No matter how much air is filled in this balloon, it will not go up even if it is inflated. But BJP has decided to inflate this holed balloon.

Saamna has said in the editorial that some people also liken Rane to a frog who makes a turret. Whether Rane is a frog or a balloon is pierced, but who is Rane? This he himself declared, ‘I am not a normal person’, so he declared. Then they have to be checked whether they are abnormal. In Modi’s cabinet, Rane is the Minister of Small Scale Industries of the Department of Microscopic. Saamna has said in the editorial that the Prime Minister considers himself a very ‘normal’ person. They consider themselves to be fakirs or principal servants. This is his humility. But Rane says, ‘I am not normal. That’s why I am above the law if I have committed any crime. Rane and Sanskar were never related. That’s why Rane is behaving like a Chhapri gangster even after wearing a cloak as a Union minister.

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