We are behind India’s defeat in Afghanistan:Pakistan Home Minister

Island,26/8: Pakistan is engrossed in happiness since the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. Maybe that’s why his ministers are making absurd rhetoric. Pakistan’s lofty Home Minister Sheikh Rashid has also claimed Pakistan’s victory and India’s defeat in Afghanistan. Sheikh Rashid said on Wednesday that India’s discomfort with the developments in Afghanistan and the occupation of the Taliban is clear. Its credit goes to Pakistan.


Pakistan’s Home Minister Sheikh Rashid, desperate to spread terror with the Taliban, also said that the whole world has seen that India is in ‘mourning’. Talking to the media in Islamabad, Rashid said that India is evacuating its citizens from Afghanistan. It shows defeat.

Pakistan handed over the list of most-wanted terrorists operating in Afghanistan to Taliban

Sheikh Rashid said the credit for India’s “defeat” in Afghanistan goes to Pakistan and its institutions. Rashid is referring to the ISI and the Pakistan Army, which are being accused of helping the Taliban. Rashid Khan expects peace and prosperity from the Taliban Raj, saying that the democratic government in Afghanistan and the presence of foreign troops is at his own risk. Rashid said, “Pakistan has been paying the price of disorder in Afghanistan for years and wanted to establish peace, because peace in Afghanistan means peace in Pakistan.

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