Odisha CM dedicates another 10 schools to people of Hinjili

Hinjilli, 28/8:Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today inaugurated 10 more converted schools in Hinjili in the fourth phase of the 5T program.

The schools that were inaugurated today were –

(1) Panchayat High School, Durbandha Panchayat
(2) Government High School, Sergad Panchayat
(3) Vrindavan Government High School, Hinjilicut Municipality
(4) Ramchandrapur High School, Narendrapur Panchayat
(5) UN7. High School, Sikri Panchayat
(6) b. Berhampur High School, Krishnachai Panchayat
(7) Government UG. High School, Bikepur, Putiapadar Panchayat
(8) Narendrapur High School, Narendrapur Panchayat
(9) Government UG. High School, Nandika Panchayat
(10) Brass Boys High School, Brass Panchayat

The state government’s ambitious school transformation work began on the 21st. The transformation of 50 schools in Hinjili has been completed in five phases. Fifty schools will be inaugurated in five phases. To date, 40 schools have been made public.

On the occasion, Chief Minister Shri Patnaik said that the transformation of this school in Hinjili has filled the children with joy and excitement. “It simply came to our notice then. .
“Now is the age of competition. The age of knowledge. We are trying to give the best possible benefits to the children, keeping in view the needs of the present,” he said.

Chief Minister Shri Patnaik hoped that this change from Hinjili would brighten the future of Odisha and make the children of Odisha the best citizens of the country.

Advising the students, the Chief Minister said that student life is the time to build the future. The better the future of the children, the better the future of the state and the country. He encouraged ordinary people as well to take part in solving this great task: “One of the things you and other people can do is keep up the pressure … there are going to be some difficult decisions for government”. Children’s success will be the biggest reward for us.

The Chief Minister explained how the school has been transformed by applying each of its policies, highlighting the five programs.

The Chief Minister said that the transformation work started in Hinjili would be reflected across the state. Transformation will come in all schools in Odisha. Addressing the gathering, Minister Shri Jagannath Sarka, Minister Shri Premananda Nayak and MLAs said that the transformation of Hinjili schools is an instructive example for all. As the people’s representatives, the Chief Minister advised them to make efforts to bring about such a change in all spheres of society.

Finally, the Chief Minister urged everyone to take care of the publicly converted schools as their property.

Special events were held at 10 Yak schools on the occasion. Minister Premananda Nayak, who attended the meeting, said that the Jagannath Sarka MLAs were a unique model for the development of the entire constituency, not just Hinjili’s school. .

On November 14, Children’s Day, the first phase will see 1070 people transformed into 5T transfomats in the state, 5T Secretary Shri VK Pandian informed while conducting the program.

During his interaction with the Chief Minister, students from various schools, including Smriti, Ankita, Pooja Rani, Pranashree Ambika Asha, Durga Madhav, etc., promised the Chief Minister that they would move forward and make the Chief Minister’s dream come true.
The event was attended by the Chief Secretary and senior officials.

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