American soldiers left many state of art weapons in Afghanistan

Kabul, 31/8: After nearly 20 years in Afghanistan, the American ‘era’ came to an end. The last contingent of American troops has also left Kabul. In such a situation, American aid to Afghan forces for decades can now become a problem for the international group including India. There were reports that after the US military left Afghanistan, many state-of-the-art weapons and military equipment have been in the hands of the Taliban.



Looking at the current situation, China is considered a master of reverse engineering. From fighter aircraft to aircraft carriers, from tanks to UAVs, China wants to achieve the title of the world’s most powerful country by stealing the technology of all other countries. In such a situation, China’s long struggle for American weapons technology seems to be ending now. China’s Internet hackers are getting the technology of weapons manufacturers around the world through hacking, but now after the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan, now China will not have any difficulty in getting American technology.

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