Coronavirus in endemic state in India

New Delhi, 31/8: Preparations are underway to deal with the third wave of Coronavirus infection in the country, while according to the Chief Scientist of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Saumya Swaminathan, the situation of corona in India is of endemic infectious disease. It is beginning to form, meaning a situation where there is a spread of mild and moderate level of infection. Earlier this year, in an article on the coronavirus in the journal Nature, scientists said that Covid infection is slowly turning into an infectious disease, although it will continue to spread to some parts of the global population.

What is an endemic condition? Endemic means a disease that is always present. For example, renowned virologist Dr Shahid Jameel said that influenza is an endemic disease, which is the disease of smallpox, which is now over. Dr Jameel said, ‘Only those viruses can be eradicated forever, whose viruses are not found in animals. Viruses for diseases such as smallpox and polio are transmitted from humans, but rinderpest is an animal virus. This means that the virus is always present in some animals. Such as bats, camels and cats, and once the level of immunity in the human body weakens, these viruses can spread again.

He said that ‘Corona virus is spread from animals. Therefore its infection will continue. This means that people who have not been vaccinated, there is a possibility of spreading it among those people. But if most people get vaccinated or get infected, the corona virus will be present as a symptomatic infection and not as a disease, so it is being said that the covid infection is now going into endemic or endemic condition. Is. That is, there will be infection, but it will not cause serious disease.

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