3rd wave soon in Country

New Delhi, 2/9: Intermittent increase is being seen in new cases of Coronavirus infection in the country. In such a situation, according to the information received, the central government is engaged in reviewing the preparedness regarding medical equipment in view of the possibility of third wave of Kovid-19.

The Department of Pharmaceuticals under the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers has prepared a task force. The task force has suggested for national level storage of about 50 important items related to Kovid-19. He has given this advice by dividing India into four geographical regions. In this list there are those items for which India is completely dependent on imports. Such as ICU beds, monitoring equipment, oxygen tubes, oxygen masks, auto disable syringes and many more are included.

The committee official told  that the task force, formed in June, has calculated the demand based on the estimated cases in the third wave. The committee has made a list of 50 items according to demand and manufacturing capacity and divided them into three parts. Red means important and urgently needed. Orange means there may be a shortage and green means that it is available in sufficient q Department of Pharmaceuticals, for an official confirmation, but did not respond to the message sent.

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