3 doses of Vaccine needed to counter Coronavirus

Washington, 3/9: At this time, usually two doses of Corona Vaccine (Covid-19 Vaccine) are being administered around the world. In some countries including America, three doses of the vaccine are also being given to those in the high risk group. But now America’s top infectious disease expert and White House medical advisor, Doctor Anthony Fauci, says that people may need three doses of the vaccine in the coming days. According to him, after a few months of taking two doses, the antibodies to fight the corona are decreasing. On Thursday, he also showed some data related to it.

Fauchi shared a data from Israel. Let us tell you that a large number of people in Israel have been given a booster dose of the vaccine. According to the data, 10 lakh people who have been given three doses of the vaccine have shown a very good effect. All of them were given the Pfizer vaccine. It was studied after 12 days. According to this, those who were given the third dose of the vaccine, the risk of getting corona remained only about 10 percent.

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