Sura council to govern Afghanistan

Kabul, 3/9: In Afghanistan, the Shura Council of the Taliban will rule the country. According to the information given by the sources of the organization, today a decision has been taken regarding the formation of the government. Top Taliban leaders, people from other regional groups will be included in the Shura Council. There will be no women members in the government.

Only the members of this council will represent the government. Mulla Abdul Ghani Baradar could be the head of the political office. Sources say that 80 percent of the members in the new government will be from the Taliban’s Doha team.

Senior Taliban leaders have been living in Doha since 2010. The purpose was to create an office through which a permanent solution could be found between the Taliban, the government of Afghanistan, the US and other countries. The peace talks were halted in 2013 after the Taliban took office as the Afghan government protested. The government said that the Taliban office is being shown as if it is a government in exile.

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