New Coronavirus wave in Israel despite 100 percent vaccination

New Delhi, 8/9: Israel, which was once one of the first countries in the world to be free from Covid-19, has now emerged as the biggest hotspot of the epidemic in the world. In a country that was estimated to have vaccinated its entire population, the per capita caseload in the first week of September was higher than anywhere else. According to John Hopkins University data, its vaccination rate has come down in the table.

Where the country with a population of 9 million started reopening the economy and social structures in April itself, during that time most of Europe and the US were under lockdown. But now again the increasing cases show how mathematics changes. After this, the question is not only whether people have been infected by the Korana virus, but it is also how badly they have been infected. Now the question is also to ensure whether the vaccine is affecting the rapidly spreading delta variant or not.

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