Supreme Court to hear reservation in promotion plea

New Delhi, 14/7: The issue of implementation of reservation in promotion was heard in the Supreme Court. On Tuesday, the top court has said that a detailed and state-wise hearing will be held in this matter. This decision has been given in view of different issues of the states. The court has directed the state governments to identify their issues and file their reports within two weeks. The court said that it will hear the cases regarding reservation in promotion in jobs across the country from October 5. The central and state governments have demanded an urgent hearing on the issue of ‘Reservation in Promotion’. In this case 133 petitions have been filed from across the country. Complex problems have been raised at the state level in all the petitions.

In fact, many High Courts including Allahabad, Bombay and Delhi High Courts have given different orders in this matter whether reservation in promotion will be applicable or not. And if applicable, how will it be implemented? On this, the Supreme Court has also given a decision which is called Nagraj Judgment, but still in this case, the confusion on every issue has not been completely cleared and there are many unresolved questions.

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