GST Council Meeting 2021: Will petrol be sold for Rs 75 a liter? decision will come today

New Delhi, 17/9:Today the GST Council meeting is going on in Lucknow from 11 o’clock. Many important decisions can be taken in this. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman (FM nirmala sitharaman) is leading this meeting. The decisions that will have the most impact on the common people today are to bring petrol and diesel under the purview of GST. Let us tell you that if petrol and diesel come under the purview of GST, petrol can be cheaper by Rs 28 and diesel by Rs 25. Right now petrol has crossed Rs 110 and diesel Rs 100 per liter in many cities in the country.


Along with this, the GST rate of more than a dozen items can be reviewed. It also includes online food delivery. It is believed that GST can be increased on online food delivery, due to which it will be expensive.


Know what experts say?

Tax experts say that in view of the situation due to Corona, bringing petroleum products under GST will be a very difficult decision for the central government and the states.

Certain items like petroleum products, liquor and electricity are not included in the GST as they generate huge revenue for the Center and the states. In the meeting of the GST Council, it can be considered to bring petrol, diesel and other petroleum products under GST. However, if this happens, the Center and the states will have to make big agreements regarding the tax on other products. If petroleum is included in the GST, then the taxes of the Center and the states will be merged and their prices will be uniform across the country. Due to this, the prices of petrol and diesel can come down significantly. Fuel prices have been increasing continuously for the last few years and the higher rate of indirect tax is a big reason for this.


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