Rajasthan Politics: Ashok Gehlot’s OSD resigns

Jaipur, 19/9: Amidst the developments regarding the resignation of Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, the politics of the state Congress got heated on the tweet made by Lokesh Sharma, OSD of Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot. This tweet was considered to be a taunt on the party high command. Lokesh Sharma has tendered his resignation late on Saturday night after this tweet of Gehlot’s OSD was surrounded by allegations and headlines in social media. In the resignation sent to CM Ashok Gehlot, Lokesh Sharma has written that you have to decide on this. Sharma’s tweet and his resignation have been the subject of much discussion in Rajasthan.



Actually, Lokesh Sharma had made a taunting tweet on Saturday without naming him. In a tweet at 1.42 minutes in the afternoon, Lokesh Sharma wrote that “The strong should be forced, the minor should be made proud…. Only the fence eats the field, who will save that crop !! On this tweet, people fiercely targeted Lokesh Sharma on social media. It is believed that this is a criticism of the decision of the party high command in the case of Punjab. In this, Amarinder has been described as strong in gestures. In such a situation, it is also being added as the spirit of Gehlot. It is believed that Gehlot himself has taken the resignation of Lokesh Sharma. Lokesh Sharma sees the work of the media as Gehlot’s OSD.

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