Families of Corona deceased will get 50 thousand compensation, Center gave this answer in SC


New Delhi, 22/9;The Central Government, in a reply given in the Supreme Court, has said that 50 thousand rupees compensation will be given to the families of every corona deceased. The state will give this amount of compensation from its Disaster Relief Fund to the families of the victims. The National Disaster Management Authority i.e. NDRF, which works under the Central Government, today filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court giving information about the amount and procedure of compensation on death related to Karona.

Earlier, a petition was filed in the Supreme Court demanding that the families of those who died of Karona should be given a compensation of four lakh rupees. According to the rules, the family of those who died due to natural calamity gets a compensation of Rs 4 lakh. But after the number of people who died due to Karona, the central government had refused to give compensation.


Supreme Court pressure

The Center had said that the government would suffer a big loss by giving this much compensation. But today, after the pressure of the Supreme Court, the NDRF told the Supreme Court that 50 thousand rupees will be given as compensation to the families of those who died due to Corona.

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