Priyanka, Rahul have no experience, will stop Sidhu from becoming CM: Amarinder Singh

Chandigarh, 22/9: Former Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh has now openly opened a front against Congress Chief Navjot Singh Sidhu of the state. Amarinder said that former Congress president Rahul Gandhi and party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi lack experience. The Captain, who was seen attacking Sidhu, clearly said that he would put up a strong candidate against Sidhu in the 2022 assembly elections to defeat him.



Amarinder said on Wednesday that he would do his best to stop Sidhu from becoming the CM candidate of Punjab. He said that if the party makes Sidhu the CM candidate, then it is also ready to stop him completely. Attacking Sidhu in a very strong tone, he described Sidhu as a dangerous man and said that there is a need to save the country from such people. Amarinder said that to defeat Sidhu, he would field a strong candidate against him in the 2022 assembly elections. “He is dangerous for the state. I will take any step to stop them.

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