Pakistan-China move failed, Taliban will not be able to keep their word in UN

Islamabad, 23/9:The plan of Pakistan and China regarding the Taliban in the United Nations has failed. The United Nations (UN) has not given any decision on the Taliban government’s address to the General Assembly. If the Taliban are given a chance to speak on the UN forum, it would have directly meant that the Taliban has been recognized by the whole world and Western countries can go against this decision. . In such a situation, it is believed that the move of Pakistan and China has failed on the matter of getting the Taliban included in the UN General Assembly (UNGA).

Only the representative of the deposed Ashraf Ghani government is recognized on the diplomatic mission of Afghanistan in the UN. Not only this, the Afghan envoy also participated in the session of US President Joe Biden. According to Pakistani media, representatives of the Afghan government will continue to occupy the mission in the United Nations until the UN committee, which gives the credentials, takes a decision on this.

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