Sachin Pilot reaches Delhi to meet Rahul and Sonia

New Delhi, 24/9: Amidst the changing political developments in Rajasthan, Sachin Pilot reached Delhi with Minister Raghu Sharma on Friday. His meeting with Priyanka Gandhi continues at Rahul Gandhi’s residence. Sachin Pilot also met Speaker CP Joshi in Jaipur yesterday. This is the second time that Sachin Pilot has been called to Delhi. It is worth noting that like Punjab, the demand for change of Chief Minister in Rajasthan is being demanded by the supporters of Sachin Pilot.



Pilot supporters say that the command of the government in Rajasthan should be handed over to Sachin Pilot. Rajendra Chaudhary, the state vice president of Rajasthan Congress and a close aide of Pilot, had recently made a statement that not only Congress workers, but the public wants Pilot to become the Chief Minister. However, the Gehlot faction is also counterattacking. No need for leadership change in Rajasthan, says Gehlot camp

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