Air Pollution: Supreme Court expressed huge displeasure, said – cannot leave people to die

New Delhi, 29/9:On the increasing air pollution in the country, the Supreme Court said on Wednesday that only asthma patients can understand the problem of air pollution. The top court said that we cannot leave people to die. cannot be left to die. The court said that there are celebrations every day in the country. It is a good thing to celebrate, it must be celebrated, but fireworks are used in the celebration, it is a troublesome thing.

The bench said that we cannot leave people to die. Ask asthma patients, what is the problem. Children are also getting affected by the fireworks in the festivals. People are suffering from different diseases. The bench said that celebration is fine, we need to consider other issues also. The Supreme Court has issued show cause notices to about half a dozen firecracker manufacturers on alleged violation of the court order, asking why contempt of court proceedings should not be taken against them.

The Supreme Court, on perusing the report of Joint Director, CBI, Chennai, found that about a dozen firecracker manufacturers have used banned barium and barium salts. The court said that this is a violation of our orders. In fact, under the order of the Supreme Court of March 3, 2020, the CBI was asked to investigate the substances used by the firecracker manufacturers.

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