Case registered against Alia Bhatt for hurting Hindu sentiments

Mumbai, 30/9: Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is in discussions these days about the headlines of her marriage with Ranbir Kapoor and the advertisement of a bridal wear brand for ‘Kanyadaan’. A person became so angry at the actress’s ad that he filed a complaint against Alia Bhatt at Santacruz police station in Mumbai. Although the debate about ‘Kanyadaan’ is very old and has arisen many times. But recently, people are not liking Alia’s views on this at all.



According to the information, the complainant has against his latest advertisement of a bridal wear brand. The complainant feels that Alia Bhatt has hurt Hindu sentiments and has shown Kanyadaan in a regressive manner. A complaint has been registered against Manyavar Company and Alia Bhatt in the matter.

Actually, it is shown in this ad that Alia Bhatt is dressed as a bride and is sitting on the wedding pavilion and she is getting emotional while reminiscing about her maternal home. With this, while talking about her parents and her upbringing, the tradition of Alia ‘Kanyadaan’ has been questioned. Which people don’t like at all.

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