Trump asks U.S. judge to force Twitter to restart his account

Florida, 2/10:Former US President Donald Trump has asked the federal judge in Florida to pressurize Twitter to restart his account. According to the report of Bloomberg News, in July, Donald Trump sued Google and the chief executives of Facebook and Alphabet in July. He alleged that these companies illegally silence conservative thinking.

Media reports said that Trump’s case for a preliminary injunction against Twitter was filed late Friday night in Miami. It claimed that the social media company had shut down his Twitter account in January under pressure from his political rivals in the Congress.

Twitter declined to comment. Trump’s representatives have also not said anything at the moment. Trump had more than 88 million followers on Twitter. President Joe Biden’s account was permanently blocked by the company on January 8, two days after a mob of supporters launched a deadly attack on Capitol Hill to prevent Congress from confirming his victory.

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