Mark Zuckerberg loses 600 million dollar because of Facebook crash

New Delhi,5/10: The server down of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp and a whistleblower have caused a loss of $ 600 million (about Rs 4,47,34,83,00,000 according to Indian currency) to the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Reports suggest that during this trouble of a few hours, Zuckerberg has slipped a notch in the list of the rich, one place below Microsoft founder Bill Gates.



The social media company’s stock fell by 4.9 percent on Monday. Whereas, a decline of about 15 percent has been seen since mid-September. After the stock change on Monday, Zuckerberg’s has come down to $12,160 million. The name of Facebook CEO has now reached below Bill Gates in Bloomberg’s list. Millions of users were affected due to the Facebook products that were stalled on Monday

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