Why Russia is approaching Taliban?

Moscow, 7/10: Is Russia increasing rapprochement with the Taliban regime in Afghanistan? Russia has also invited Taliban leaders this time to the international conference on the issue of Afghanistan. This conference is scheduled to be held in Moscow on October 20. This will be the first time that Taliban leaders will be able to speak in a public forum. The Special Representative of Vladimir Putin in Afghanistan gave this information on Thursday.



An international conference on the Afghanistan issue was convened in Moscow in March this year. In this, Russia, America, China and Pakistan issued a joint statement urging all parties to stop violence in Afghanistan and reach a peace agreement.


In this, the Taliban were also asked not to indulge in violence. After this, America and its allied forces left Afghanistan after about 20 years. After this the Taliban overthrew the government of Afghanistan and occupied the country. Putin wants to involve Taliban leaders in the latest situation in Afghanistan so that the right solution can be found.

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