Vaccination compulsory for Delhi government employees

New Delhi, 8/10: The Delhi government has made a big announcement regarding the vaccine. The government has issued an order that no staff will get entry in the office without the Corana vaccine. These rules will come into effect from October 16. At least one dose of the vaccine is required. DDMA said in an order, ‘Those employees of Delhi Government who have not received even a single dose of anti-Covid-19 vaccine will not be allowed to come to office from October 16.



On Thursday, 44 cases of corona virus infection were reported in Delhi. No patient died and the infection rate was 0.07 percent. This information has been given in the data shared by the government. So far only one person has died in Delhi from Kovid-19 in October. Last month, five people died of the infection. According to the data, 15 more people have recovered from the infection in Delhi. After the arrival of new cases, the total number of infected people increased to 14,39,097. So far more than 14.13 lakh people have recovered from the infection. The death toll is 25,088.

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