WHO told which vaccine should be given to the elderly people who have got the third dose

New Delhi, 11/10: Experts of the World Health Organization (WHO Experts) have advised people over 60 to take the third dose who have got the vaccine from China’s vaccine Sinopharm, Sinovac. The international news agency AFP has given this information in its report. WHO’s Vaccine Strategy Group has said that people over the age of 60 who have been vaccinated through these two Chinese vaccines should also take the third booster dose. Experts have also advised that the third dose can be of some other vaccine.

No detailed information has been given on why the third dose has been decided regarding the Chinese vaccine. The stand of the World Health Organization has so far been against the booster dose. In fact, Chinese vaccines have been in controversies with their manufacture over efficiencies and data.

The Chinese official had raised questions on the vaccine
A few months ago China’s top disease control official said that the country’s anti-coronavirus infection vaccines are less effective and the government is considering making them more effective. Gao Fu, director of China’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC), said that China’s vaccines have “not very high survival rates.” Gao Fu said, “Now it is being seriously considered whether we should be vaccinated.” Different vaccines should be used for the procedure.

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