G-20 meeting on Afghanistan, PM Modi said – the country should not become a source of radicalism and terrorism

New Delhi, 12/10:Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually participated in the G-20 meeting on Afghanistan on Tuesday. In this, he underlined the need to ensure that the region of Afghanistan does not become a source of radicalization and terrorism. He called for a joint fight against the nexus of radicalization, terrorism and drug trafficking. He called for an inclusive administration in Afghanistan in which women and minorities are also represented. He called on the international community for a unified response to Afghanistan.



Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the emergency meeting of the G-20 countries convened to brainstorm on the Afghanistan crisis and humanitarian aid measures. The PM told from the stage of this virtual meeting that India has a centuries-old relationship with Afghanistan. India has undertaken more than 500 aid projects for Afghanistan.



PM Modi said that the people of Afghanistan are becoming victims of hunger and malnutrition. In such a situation, the global community must ensure that humanitarian aid is available to the Afghan people immediately and in voice. He said that there is also a need to pay attention that Afghanistan does not become a source of radicalization and terrorism for the world. Along with this, he said that there is a need to strengthen the common fight to break the nexus between radicalization terrorism, drug and illegal arms smuggling in the region.

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