Third Coronavirus wave unlikely: Experts

New Delhi, 18/10: Amid fear of a possible third wave sweeping India, leading Covid-19 experts now believe that another resurgence of the virus is unlikely due to a high seroprevalence rate, brisk vaccination and dominance of the Delta variant which devastated the country during the second wave.



“From the data we’ve seen so far, Delta has taken over from other variants. Because it has a transmissibility factor between 5 and 6, it pretty much drives out everything else that has a lower reproductive ratio,” said Dr Gautam Menon, Professor of Biology and Physics at Ashoka University in Sonipat, Haryana.


One of the casualties of a rampant Delta in India has been the Beta variant (B.1.315), which had more immune escape possibilities than others but found itself drowned out by the former

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