Most Wanted Govind Sahu arrested by Police

Balangir, 19/10:Most wanted Govind Sahu was arrested. Bangomunda Block Jharial Panchayat was arrested from Budhipadar village. Information who was holding with a steep police that is hiding in an acor. Govind Sahu escaped from the Titilagarh police barracks on Sunday. Govinda Sahu, the main accused in the disappearance of teacher Mamita. Earlier, police had announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for the arrest of Govind Sahu.

Notably, Mamita Meher, the principal of Sunshine Public School in Kalahandi Kegaon Thana Mahalinga, went missing in the last 12 days. When school owner Govind Sahu called Mamita to school. But he disappeared on the way to school. Govind Sahu was later picked up by police but escaped from police custody.

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