Rain wreaks havoc in Uttarakhand, 23 people died in 48 hours,

Uttarakhand, 19/10:The period of torrential rains in Uttarakhand for the last three days is about to end. Giving the forecast of the weather, the state’s Meteorological Center has said that from Wednesday, the weather will be clear almost everywhere. Earlier on Tuesday, the Meteorological Center, which gave an alert of heavy rain in many areas of the state, said today that the weather will change after Tuesday evening and the rainy season will stop. According to the Meteorological Center, this rain broke the record of one hundred and fifty years in the Kumaon region. In the last 48 hours, 23 people have died due to Bashi. There is news of the death of 17 people in Kumaon alone. At the same time, 13 people are missing in Nainital, 4 in Almora, 1 each in Udhamsinghnagar and Almora. On Monday, 3 people died in Pauri, 2 in Champawat and 1 in Pithoragarh.

Giving the details of the last 24 hours, the Meteorological Center said that the last 24 hours of rain in the Kumaon region broke the records of 124 years. During this, record rainfall of up to 500 mm was recorded in some areas of Kumaon. Here, about this rain of Uttarakhand, CM Dhami said that so far 16 deaths have been confirmed and there has been heavy damage to infrastructure including houses and bridges in the state.

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